Anyone Can Do Sales But Not Anyone Can Do Branding

What’s With Branding To Help Your Business?

by Jumair Macabago
"Anyone can do sales, yeah! anyone can become a salesman, but, not anyone can do branding..." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Anyone can become a great salesman but not anyone can become a great brander.
At some point... Marketers often asks "what's with branding?"
Branding is something that you position yourself as an expert in the industry or business that you are in...

"Branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name and image -- often using a logo and/or tag line -- in order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract and keep customers."
By branding, you are creating TRUST with your customers.
If you're selling a health products, and you have offered your product to someone who does not need it AT THE TIME... would it sell?
NO! it wouldn't...
To make a sales fast in short term and long term, you have to brand yourself or your products.
You sure have seen commercials on TV, it's also a branding method.
Well, those companies are spending lots of penny... How about you, who has yet don't have not enough budget to do that?
Then, you have tap into the World of Online and Internet Marketing.
You can brand your product or company or even yourself on the internet by giving value to others, for example you are selling health products. You must also share some knowledge of "How To's" like:
  • 5 exercises to be healthy.
  • How to quit smoking.
  • How to be healthy in body and mind. etc. etc.

Or if you're promoting digital product like training videos or selling eBooks. You must also share some knowledge of it like:

jumairmacabagoBy doing this, you are attracting your target market which is the people who are IN NEED of your product and are willing to buy at any time, at any days.
So branding is like an opposite of Marketing method concept of most who are pursuing and convincing their customers to buy their products and make a sale.
How would you make sale when people doesn't trust you or your product?
At some point, some of the customers bought at those sleazy salesman (hope you're not like that) in a coincidence because they are convinced by the testimonials that are spreading in the society, social media and market about the product that they are promoting... but they won't stick any longer...
Unless they have a contact of them, an email or their cp # and have already created trust with them by branding themselves.

You can build trust by branding yourself.

You can do this by publishing valuable content, giving free valuable stuff that helps your customers.

And by using marketing tools like web pages with optin form and email autoresponder (a tools respond to your customers even if you're sleeping) where your customers will have to put their email themselves to get your FREE offer solution that will helps their problems. See the example optin form below.

(Example of Optin Form)

Example Optin Form

Using this tools, you won't lose sight of your customers. Sometimes, your customer will not buy for NOW but LATER on they'll buy when it's time to buy, when they need it and will remember you if you have been giving them value, sharing them your knowledge, and helping them solve their problems.

jumairmacabagoThis tools also helps you to make your customers updated on every single valuable post you've made that you think will benefit them.
Yeah, it's all about helping. :-)

I'll explain more details about this on my next post.

When you are starting to brand yourself or your product. You will start publishing valuable content that helps your customers problem.
While you're branding, you are also positioning yourself as a solution to others especially to your target market (people who are willing to buy).
So that's it... BRANDING is very important.

Your marketing isn't just enough, you also need to brand and build name and image for yourself and your products.

You should also consider branding...



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  • Annalize
    January 20, 2016

    Branding is super important! As you say, that’s what sticks in the customers minds! Valuable information Jumair!

  • January 20, 2016

    Powerful, anyone can do sales, or atleast they can sell 🙂

    • January 20, 2016

      Yea, branding is for long term and you can also sell easily when people really trust you so much… 🙂 thanks for the comment Johannes!

  • Vitaliy Dubinin
    January 21, 2016

    Powerful. Love this Gary’s quote, I agree that branding is an important skill to master!

  • Okolie Anthony
    January 23, 2016

    I’m a fan of Gary and you siting him here made me read this post carefully… It’s always about branding and not only about marketing.

    Nice one.

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