I measure my SUCCESS by how HAPPY I am NOT by how BIG my business is or HOW MUCH money I've made...

I'm completely driven by happiness by living my passion. My passion is to create other people’s success stories. I believe that in order to achieve greatness you have to give importance in fulfilling other people's DREAMS and DESIRES. Because of this Philosophy, I believe in one mission:

"Your Dreams, My Purpose"

These are my fuels to my success.

Here are some of the testimonials from my students, partners and customers who I coached or currently coaching in this awesome industry.


When I started this online marketing journey, I knew nothing so I had to place my trust in someone. Finally, after 2 years in the MLM industry, you (Jumair) is the youngest internet marketer I've found who isn't afraid to contradict all of the old marketing methods. Of course the truth is those traditional methods never worked for most people anyway! Thanks for sharing the honest truth and giving MLM’ers concrete steps for true success. You help me a lot doing this business easier than before. Thank you Jumair for teaching and helping me to the network marketing world. I learned so much from you and everyone deserves to learn from you…
Josephine de TorresNetwork Marketing Professional
Jumair is one of the great leaders I have met online. He provide marketing tools for every marketers online to help them succeed in their chosen niche. He has brought fresh-thinking ideas and help me shaped my Social Media Strategy. Jumair is a humble, simple young person and I’m really enjoying working with him. And also I am very much happy and grateful that I have met him online. Looking forward to meet him in person.
Rhodigy PermejoOnline Marketer/Internet Marketer
Jumair is one of the best leaders I have met and worked with especially sa Online Marketing Business. At such a very young age, he started his business like a Pro and managed to build and grow his team of Internet Entrepreneurs. He has made lots of Income on the internet and he is sure to know how to get money work for him. Maaasahan mo siya anytime - all the time. You will definitely learn a lot from this guy, he never stops learning and sharing his knowledge to everyone. Helping Entrepreneurs like me is his Passion.
Nathaniel DulosInternet Marketer/Entrepreneur
Jumair Macabago is not your average marketer. He really knows what he's doing. I can see that he has great knowledge about his business and he has undying passion in helping other people. If you're thinking of joining this industry(online marketing), Jumair is definitely one of the best coach or mentor you should look into because he can surely help you make your way to the top.
Richmond DeeOnline Marketing Enthusiast

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