Jumair Macabago

Paano sagotin ang taong hindi naniniwala sa panginoon.

How to Handle Atheist – Lesson For Your Business

by Jumair Macabago
How to Handle Atheist – Lesson For Your Business Ano ang lesson na makukuha mo dito para sa business mo.   Isang araw may relihiyosong si John, nagpagupit sa isang matandang barbero.   Nagtanong ang matandang barbero..   Barbero: Kumusta ang araw mo iho?   John: Ok naman po, naka jamming ang pamilya sobrang saya.. Salamat kay God!   Natahimik ang dalawa. Ilang oras natapos na din ang paggupit.   Biglang nagsalita ang Barbero at ang sabi:   “Alam mo iho, hindi ako naniniwala sa…
How To Bring Out The Full Quality of Your Image on Facebook

How To Bring Out The Full Quality of Your Image Post on Facebook

by Jumair Macabago
Facebook is very hard to understand. You might have uploaded some pictures that are high quality image but the results of its quality after uploading it on Facebook is disappointing… It becomes a little blur.. am I right? Notice that, the other color of your image is a little bit blur on Facebook after uploading it? Especially if the picture has letters in it… You are very sure that the image is very high quality but when you upload it on Facebook it becomes low quality or a little bit…
Anyone Can Do Sales But Not Anyone Can Do Branding

What’s With Branding To Help Your Business?

by Jumair Macabago
“Anyone can do sales, yeah! anyone can become a salesman, but, not anyone can do branding…” – Gary Vaynerchuk Anyone can become a great salesman but not anyone can become a great brander.   At some point… Marketers often asks “what’s with branding?”   Branding is something that you position yourself as an expert in the industry or business that you are in…   “Branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name…
Your Followers and Likes Is Irrelevant

Your Followers and Likes Count Is Irrelevant

by Jumair Macabago
Your Follower and Liker Count Is Irrelevant. I don’t usually buy or ask for followers and likes on Social Media. (especially on Facebook) Truth is 1 liker or follower is more valuable than the 10 thousands of liker and follower you ask for or bought. The thing here is if you share some valuable on your pages and timeline and you have this thousands of liker and follower that you just ask for or bought to like or follow you, very low/small or even zero engagement you will get on your post.…

How Important Is Your Marketing Strategy

by Jumair Macabago
Have you already read one of Robert Kiyosaki book before? The one entitled “Cashflow Quadrant”. If you either already read it or not; I want to share with you something important that I have learned in that book that you should keep in your mind. I already read it thrice and every time I read it again. There’s something new that pops up my head, a new learning that I haven’t learn after first reading it. It’s something that really important if you’re an Internet Marketer, Network Marketer…