How I Close 9 Sales In 12 Hours

How I Close 9 Sales in 12 Hours In My Own Business

by Jumair Macabago

How have you been doing your business on Facebook?

In this blog I will share to you what I personally did to shift from rookie to pro. LOL! :D This is crazy; don’t blame yourself if no one has ever told you this first before you started your business on Facebook.

People often think that making a sale is really hard and only those few can do it. Damn! Those weird gurus are making it big online; they are hiding something… so selfish…

How I Close 9 Sales in 12 Hours in My Own Business
Well, the truth is some of those gurus unconsciously doing the right way to market on Facebook – only few had the idea and know the reason why they are making it BIG online. They know how to brand themselves, how to be pursued by others… etc…

You must look at yourself first in the mirror and feel it – imagine that if you are not yourself, would you like to connect with yourself? It makes sense right?

How can we make sale easily? – Branding is very important when it comes to generating more sales on your market. If you have brand yourself right – making a sales will be easy…

Here are the RULES of Facebook Marketing (The Right Way to Brand Yourself) that will blow your mind. (This is the exact thing I’ve done to be credible. I started to apply this from August to September [Results are pretty amazing])

Rule #1 – You MUST use your real picture (the real you) on your profile picture.

Reasons are people will want to know you more. They want to see the face of the person who is offering them something.

Would you buy a product, would you lend your money to a company who has no background? Of course not… remember this RULE…

Rule #2 – Don’t post negative things and link on your timeline.

(SEE the Link looks sample that I’m talking about below) (This image is from my Fan Page - Don't do this on your Personal Page)

I know this is hard to do (it’s hard to adjust) especially if you are really used to post videos, negative images, quotes… etc… It has nothing to do with your business. Avoid doing it…

If you have negative thoughts that you want to post - always remember this rule. Keep it in yourself; don't share it in Social Media because if you do you are most likely killing yourself

Rule #3 – Stop posting something about your business all the time on your timeline.

jumairmacabagoReasons are people will get sick and tired of your post. They want something new, people want something unique to see and read with their eyes. Make some messages that will trigger your audience(friends) to read until the last. (Copywriting Skills)

Rule #4 – Don’t look down on people.
Don't discriminate people

(People who took different path and has different point of view)

Marketers often post like this…

“Most people are pretty dumb to stick on their job… etc. etc. etc.”

Do you know that some of your friends on Facebook are actually one of those kinds of person? Why not try to put yourself to them and read that post… how would it feel? :-) You MUST stop doing this…

AVOID the #3 and 4 while you have still friends that can see your post on news feed.

You must be aware of the options on Facebook. (Refer to the picture below)

Rule #5 – Don’t confirm all friend requests.

You sure don’t want to see negative post on your news feed. You sure don’t want to ingrain some of it inside your valuable asset (your mind).

As the goes saying says

“Surround yourself with the right people”
I say “The same goes to Social Media”

Know them first before confirming their friend request to you.

Here’s how to know if you have the right person to confirm as your friend.

Send him/her a private message that says like this…

“Hi [name the person who requested to be your friend], I just saw that you added me on Facebook… what inspired you to connect with me?”

But it depends on what product you are selling… it is my way; find your way to know if your friend who asks to connect with you is a qualified prospect for your niche…

Don’t bother not to confirm a friend request. Once they ask for a friend request they are automatically followed you, your post will still show up on their news feed.


If you have an access to the Bonus Training of Unity Network. Some of those RULES are mentioned or has similarity to one of the module inside.

Why you need to be aware on how you look like on Facebook?
(Your BRAND)

90% of your prospect will firstjumairmacabago look at your timeline and how have you been doing the business. Are you the kinds of person that people want to become and trust?

Do people feel and want to connect with you when they look at your timeline? If NO you have to adjust.

These RULES are just some formula of making more sales. Branding yourself is just a piece of art on making more sales on your business. What you need to focus on is how to recruit, sponsor and sell.

By doing these RULES you must also be focusing on recruiting, sponsoring and selling. You are not going to earn or get results from just branding yourself online.

I’ve seen a lot of people busy on creating websites, landing pages, autoresponder(This is what I am actually been doing back before). I wasn’t really making sales that time and I was asking myself “what’s wrong?” I’m doing my best but results are not giving back…

And finally one of my mentor post something that made me realize that I’ve been avoiding these words that are important in business. The word “Recruiting, Sponsoring and Selling” we can’t create results without it.

I finally got into it and I made 9 sales in 1 day by focusing on it.

There are two types of weapon I applied that makes it happen.

Actually there are 6 types of weapon but only 2 that I manage to apply – results are pretty amazing.

It is called "6 Weapons of Influence".

I am just going to explain the 2 Weapons of Influence that I applied on my business that works for me.

1st Reciprocity – in social psychology refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions.

Reciprocity is the 1st one I applied by giving others favor and they give you back by gratitude. When you give others favor or help others, they will feel like they owe you or feel obligate to give back. I applied reciprocity by giving others an access to my business (autoposter web application) for FREE in a demo version.

2nd Scarcity – Ever-present situation in all markets whereby either less goods are available than the demand for them, or only too little money is available to their potential buyers for making the purchase. This universal phenomenon leads to the definition of economics as the "science of allocation of scarce resources."

Scarcity in general, the fear of loss is more powerful than the hope of gain. By properly manipulating the instinctive tendency to avoid losing what one already possesses – or avoid losing the chance to possess something desirable – you can trigger a favorable response.

Scarcity is the 2nd weapon of influence I applied. I announce to my Facebook Profile and Pages that I am going to close my business(autoposter) which is mean I will not be allowing anyone outside of my team get access anymore after the week if they don’t purchase as soon as possible (I was really serious about closing it) and boooom!! I discover this costless announcement tactic that you could apply on your business.

(Refer to the picture below of how I announce it)

No wonder why Anik Singal is just promoting some of his business every once a year ONLY with a deadline to close.

It is really powerful… I don’t know if some of the weapons of influence unconsciously applied to my business. But those two are what I recognize and consciously been applying right now on my business that works for me like a magic…

Apply each one of it and if it doesn't work, stop doing it and if it works, keep doing it. ;-)

Did this help you? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook

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  • September 28, 2015

    Hey bro,

    Great post! You just nailed it down. Congratulations and more power to you. Cheers!


    • September 28, 2015

      Thanks bro, appreciate it… 😀 more power to you too… thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment…

  • Brian McCarthy
    September 29, 2015

    Nice job… Great Tips!

    • September 29, 2015

      Thank you! hehehe… thanks for dropping by and leaving comment Brian…

  • Mary Joy Narzoles Fuego
    September 30, 2015

    This article is very powerful. The disclaimer was actually unnecessary because if this strategies worked for you, then it would also work for us if done properly and executed carefully. Your knowledge about marketing and your guts to put it to action is amazing. I love your tactic. Keep it up, Jumair

    • October 1, 2015

      Hi Mary, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment… appreciate this wonderful comment that boost me up to do more, be more… ^_^

  • Erwin Rivas Esguerra
    October 1, 2015

    Hi bro! You’ve done a really nice job with this post. Let me just ask a question about this. As a blogger, I find it hard to balance selling and writing a quality content. Do you have any suggestion to set the balance? Thanks! 🙂

    • October 1, 2015

      Hi bro, if you are pointing out if we can make sell while writing quality content. Yes we can! it’s what they called copy-writing skill… if you are going to post or publish something you must read it first and be the customer first… how does it represent to you after reading it?

      You can create a content that explain the benefit of your product without even your readers knowing it… making them more curious of what you are pointing out.. It’s a psychology…

      Read it first before you publishing it is the best thing you should do…

      Balancing both selling and writing a quality content will always depend on how you write your content that can trigger your prospect to take action and know more about you or your product. Build brand while focusing on making sale.

      I send you a private message to give you more tips… 🙂

      – Jumair Macabago

  • RojSalinas
    October 2, 2015

    Very Inspiring, Motivating and Knowledgeable bro! Thanks so much for sharing!… Keep it up! God bless you more!

    • October 4, 2015

      You’re welcome bro… thanks for dropping by and leaving comment… appreciate it.. god bless you too..

  • Kurt Leona
    October 4, 2015

    Great Post! Thanks for the helpful tips & Congrats!

    • October 5, 2015

      You’re welcome kurt!.. thank you.. have a nice day ahead..

  • Iam Josef Acuna
    November 2, 2015

    Great article bro! I agree to stop seeing posts but keeping the friendship.

  • Thanks for sharing this Jumair. I find this article very useful since I am also an Online Marketer.

    More Power…

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