JumairMacabago.com the "Site" is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business person Filipinos learn and understand that personal development, self-awareness, and skills are important key formula to succeed in the business industry. JumairMacabago.com provides the most relevant and effective strategies that are working in the present market based on the author/s experienced and based on the training courses that have proven to be working. Please read our disclaimer here: http://www.jumairmacabago.com/disclaimer/

In JumairMacabago.com, we believe that self-education and having the right mindset is the solution to succeed in the business industry. Most are not aware of this fact – that business should be studied and it requires skills set that fits to its chosen niche.

Our goal is to help aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs build their foundation, mindset and skills through education. We do that by making the world of business simple to understand. Through our articles, videos and online seminars, we hope that one day each and every student of this website would be successful in their chosen niche, and achieve time and financial freedom.

About Us

The Author

Internet entrepreneur. Jumair Macabago was also known as J Macabago prefers to talk about himself in the third person on his bio page.

I’m not really sure why. Perhaps it’s because if he were talking about himself in the first person, it would sound like he was bragging or something…

Anyway, Jumair Macabago is a Muslim who live in Philippines, a 20 years old young entrepreneur who helps network marketers, business owners, and direct sellers to automate their marketing on Facebook group, fan and profile pages and grow their traffic, leads and profits.

He is the sole author of the blog and also the founder of EaglesPOST (Facebook Autoposter) web based application.

Jumair started to step into the real business world at the age of 16. His first experience of doing business is by managing traditional Dry Goods Store and Internet Cafe business.

At a very young age Jumair managed to built his own business and founded EaglesPOST a web based application that automates marketing on the number 1 social media in the world 'Facebook'. He is the author of Sponsoring 301 book.

Like most people do, he quit college and decided to learn specific things like marketing, selling, and branding than just learning algebra and trigonometry that has nothing to do in real life.

He is a previous online gamer addict. He dropped out in his high school days and take ALS (Alternative Learning System) exam to shortcut his way to college and did he pass? YES. He studied his college at AMA Computer College and then quit after his first trimester.

One of his passion is teaching people what he know, “Entrepreneurship” and “Internet Marketing” is one of them.

He created this blog to share his knowledge and wisdom to every entrepreneurs out there that are looking for valuable information, tips, and recommendation. One of the words he wants to say to the people who are reading his blog is... 

"Don't just capture knowledge - Put it to work"

Jumair is a religious person and dedicated son. He also believes that everything can be achieve by also having faith in God and he believe that it's our breathing that connects to God's consciousness that our breath is the bridge between the psychical and spiritual realms.

That's all he has to say... for now.


The person pretending to be writing Jumair's Bio

Jumair Macabago

AKA: Jumair "J" Dimar Macabago